The Great Eastern

Isolation, Hope, Lust and Darkness.
Five people standing like trees, waiting on a rocky isolated island for the ocean liner The Great Eastern to pick them up in a journey towards hope. A young butterfly flies between them and fucks everything up.

Written and directed by Lakis & Aris Ionas / The Callas
2016 – duration 84’

Having as our starting point the whole body of work of Andreas Embirikos and his surrealist references, but mostly, his magnum opus, «The Great Eastern», our film is about the state of anticipating Utopia – Love.

This transitional space between everyday life and the upcoming Utopia for which we strive for, is what we are trying to explore with our film. The space where the «Old World» remains «Old» with its weaknesses and its darkness. Where the «New World» is ready to rise. Where the human weakness is expressed with the most powerful force. It is there that Love is equally Human and Divine.

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